T&T Hospitality

T&T Hospitality delivers consistent quality and operational standards, with highly qualified and experienced professionals - all passionate to turn around hotels and reposition them to outperform their competitors and become local market leaders.

  • Hotel Management

    Hotel Management

    T&T Hospitality focuses on making people its number one priority. This means guests’ expectation will be aligned with associates’ engagement and motivation, to generate epic moments and long-lasting trust for our guests & owners. T&T Hospitality will run daily operations through specified time period and goals by:

    • Cost, budgeting & financial reviews
    • Pre-Opening
    • Property Management
    • Yield Management
    • Accounting & Reporting
    • Recruitment & Training
    • Renovation Management
    • Operational Services
    • Strategic Sales & Marketing
  • Technical Advisory

    Technical Advisory

    T&T Hospitality’s experts with vivid experience at both international and domestic brands will provide technical advisory as well as project evaluation to ensure cost-effectiveness and compliance standards which are the foundation of the hotel’s success.

    • Initial site/project/architecture analysis
    • Review coordinated drawings
    • Project design & Engineering
    • Human Resource & Administration
    • Recommend/Require specialists
    • Specification & schedules
    • Support Pre-Opening and Post-Opening
    • Procurement Services
  • Project Management

    Project Management

    On behalf of the owner, T&T Hospitality’s Project Management controls the master plan for the hotel design and construction or renovation. Through a single project or in multiple instalments, we will engage in the hotel Project from the preliminary blueprints to the final finished project. T&T Hospitality will orchestrate a strategic and tactical strategy to complete the job in a cost-effective and timely plan.

    • Project Integration
    • Cost Management
    • Organizational Management
    • Risk Management
    • Time Management
    • Quality Management
    • Communication
    • Scope
  • Consultancy


    At any stage of the project or any of the chain in operation flow that requires expert consultancy, T&T Hospitality is always available to listen to and assist in providing the best solutions.

    • Pre-FS
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Operations Policies & Procedures
    • Revenue Management
    • Pre-Opening Planning
    • Asset Management & Finance
    • Financial Reporting System
    • Hotel Quality Assurance Audit
    • Concept Development
    • Recruitment & Training
    • Service Standard Quality Assurance
  • Sales & Marketing

    Sales & Marketing

    A successful business heavily relies on the strategy & a professional sales & marketing team. T&T Hospitality provides strategic sales & marketing, human resource structure as well as sales distribution in order to drive business in the shortest possible time.

    Phase 1 STRATEGY
    • Market Analysis
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Business Strategy Review
    • Marketing Strategy Diagnostic
    • Operational Diagnostic
    Phase 2 PLANNING
    • Sales Organization Design
    • Budget Planning
    • Channel Strategy
    • Pricing Strategy
    • Marketing Strategy
    Phase 3 EXECUTION
    • Sales Recruitment
    • Field Sales
    • Sales Training
    • Operational Marketing
    • Product Management
    • E-commerce
  • Perido
  • Tourmaline
  • Scapolite
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