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27 Sep 2018

Hanoi – Where tradition meets modernity

by tthadmin

More than just a capital city, Hanoi is the hub of culture and history of Vietnam. Having gone through different stages of history over 1000 years, it is home to many historical sights and attractions. This vibrant city is a crossroad of numerous cultures, expressed through language, culinary, architecture and lifestyle.


In Hanoi, visitors might spend hours wandering amongst the most iconic landmarks representing Vietnamese history and culture. The top spots are the Temple of Literature – also known as Vietnam’s first university, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hoan Kiem Lake – a major scenic spot at the middle of the old quarter. For cultural shows, you may enjoy the enchanting performance of Water Puppet or step on a journey into the spiritual world with Four Palace a.k.a “Tu Phu”.

For a modern twist, a visit to the observation deck at the Lotte Tower – one of Hanoi’s most iconic skyscrapers will offer a great view of the city, with a thrilling experience of walking on a transparent glass floor on the 65th floor. Besides, My Village or “Lang Toi” – an aesthetic performance of modern acrobatic featuring traditional Vietnamese elements is definitely a must-see. On top of that, the show is performed at the charming Hanoi Opera House, an architectural landmark of Hanoi inspired by The French Palais Garnier Opera in Paris.


When it comes to delicious food, Hanoi is truly the place to be. From street food to fine dining, the city offers a great variety of choices. There are dishes that have marked its name internationally such as “Pho” or “Banh Mi”. Both are perfect blends of fresh ingredients and cooking techniques. Besides, it would be amiss without trying a drink that stood out the test of time – the Vietnamese coffee. Whether in a fancy lounge or on the street, the coffee is often served with 2 options: black (pure coffee) and brown (coffee added with condensed milk). In case you have a sweet tooth, do not hesitate to give “Egg coffee” a try. Waking up with a Vietnamese coffee surely is a boost for an energetic day.

Hanoi is more than just a destination. The city has a bit of everything that is familiar yet out of the way for everyone. Having some interesting tips? Share with us!

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